Why use trail cameras ?

Why use trail cameras ?

The excitement that comes with checking a trail camera after a long absence is nearly as acute as a child waiting for Santa Claus . You never know what you will find . You may find photos of a rare animal such as bobcat , see strange behavior among more common animals or even catch a trespasser . I know many deer hunters , for example that have photographed deer that they didnt even know lived in their hunting area – big deer . It is like spying on wilflife – seeing them in their environment under relaxed conditions .

Trail camera also allow you to get to know the animals(especially deer) that live in your hunting area more intimately than you could by any other means . You will not only learn where the biggest deer live, but you can enjoy the opportunity to document the growth of particular deer from year to year .it is great fun to compare pictures of the same deer from one year to the next as they grow larger antlers .

Trail camera are one of the best ways to scout for deer . Some deer hunters have turned the use of trail cameras into both a science and an art . As a result , they are patterning bucks faster and shooting more big deer than ever before .