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Dedicated in any way – Zecre

For many years, Zecre has been committed to customer-central, understand their needs and potential and help to meet those.

Zecre is not about getting every dollar of profit out of every particular contract , it’s to take a look at long view. If our customers make money and their customers make money , we are all working well together for a common advantage .



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On a bright Saturday , Zecre team has hiked to the plant park shooting some materials for our website/media platform .

We are aiming to not only be professional on the products but also on every way that shows to our customers .

We can’t brag more but you can check our Alibaba platform for proof ^^

The detailed pages will show you the attitude .




Zecre 2019 annual party celebration

To welcome the new year of 2019 , Zecre team followed our CEO Mr.Wang steps , aiming to make progress together , no one leaves behind .

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We wish you a Merry Christmas


On the Christmas Eve , We prepared a small surprise for all of our Zecre employees .

Thanks for everyone who we worked with during the production for better quality and punctual lead time ^^

Thanks for our clients who chose/trust us in the first place even when Zecre only showed up on the market.

Time will tell we are trustworthy .

Here’s to the end of 2018 and great start for 2019 .

15days left for our CES Exhibition in Las Vegas , looking forward to meeting all the great clients all over the world and expand our business to the upper level in 2019 .

Bon Courage!



Why use trail cameras ?

Why use trail cameras ?

The excitement that comes with checking a trail camera after a long absence is nearly as acute as a child waiting for Santa Claus . You never know what you will find . You may find photos of a rare animal such as bobcat , see strange behavior among more common animals or even catch a trespasser . I know many deer hunters , for example that have photographed deer that they didnt even know lived in their hunting area – big deer . It is like spying on wilflife – seeing them in their environment under relaxed conditions .

Trail camera also allow you to get to know the animals(especially deer) that live in your hunting area more intimately than you could by any other means . You will not only learn where the biggest deer live, but you can enjoy the opportunity to document the growth of particular deer from year to year .it is great fun to compare pictures of the same deer from one year to the next as they grow larger antlers .

Trail camera are one of the best ways to scout for deer . Some deer hunters have turned the use of trail cameras into both a science and an art . As a result , they are patterning bucks faster and shooting more big deer than ever before .


August Blog

We’re beginning to get some early fall temps and the taste of clean, cool air.

The skies are beginning to look a little different and we are both beginning to feel a bit different. We are anticipating… Having found a new core bedding area via trail camera recon, we are now closing in on exactly how this section of property functions and we are stoked for the postseason and the chance to move cameras into this area and establish precise buck bedding locations.