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For many years, Zecre has been committed to customer-central, understand their needs and potential and help to meet those.

Zecre is not about getting every dollar of profit out of every particular contract , it’s to take a look at long view. If our customers make money and their customers make money , we are all working well together for a common advantage .



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On a bright Saturday , Zecre team has hiked to the plant park shooting some materials for our website/media platform .

We are aiming to not only be professional on the products but also on every way that shows to our customers .

We can’t brag more but you can check our Alibaba platform for proof ^^

The detailed pages will show you the attitude .




zecre trail hunting camera

Zecre Best price for Middle lower level trail hunting camera

Model PH730 trail camera you can set this up in any weather condition, you will be provided with high quality 12 MP photos and 1080P videos in high definition visual pieces of evidence.

This trail camera is IP56 waterproof and is designed to resist rain, sand dust, or corrosion. You can make it work in rainy, sunny, night-time, and in any condition of the day and weather.

Also, it is built with a robust housing that ensures a long-lasting service life. You can trust this camera in doing the job for you.

Its function is to capture important moments, and with its lightning-fast trigger speed of 0.2-0.6 seconds, you will surely have the perfect shots that you need. Photos captured during the day are colored, and the images are black and white during the night.

What makes it produce great night pictures are the 42 pieces 850nm black low light IR LED bulbs which are the source of illumination. It doesn’t produce visible light or flash that may intrude on natural habitats.

This camera has a 120 degrees detection angle, and PIR sensors detect moving subjects up to 65 feet from the camera.

zecre trail hunting wildlife camera